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We love to be around Wysteria. And Wysteria loves to be around flowers! Even at her birthday picnic, she picked wild flowers. Then a bee picked her nose. No, that didn’t come out right. A bee landed on her nose. Luckily, the bee just wanted her flower, which Wysteria was happy to hand over.
- Razzaroo's description of Wysteria in A Charming Birthday.

Wysteria is an Earth Pony who was first released in the summer of 2003 as a part of the Rainbow Celebration Ponies set. She later appeared multiple times in animated media, and was the main focus of the The Princess Promenade movie in 2006.


In most media, Wysteria is depicted with a Fuchsia Coat, as well as Queen Pink and Violet streaked hair. In most toys and some animated media, she also has Magnolia White steaks in her hair. He eyes are often swapped between Crystalsong Blue and Apple Green.

Her Cutie Mark is of five downwards-facing Pastel and Cotton Candy Pink wisteria flowers attached to a Spring Bud Yellow and Teal Opal branches. In her Favorite Friends release, her cutie mark is instead a cascade of twenty-one flowers that reaches all the way down to her hoof.

Media Appearances

The section below contains spoilers for animated media related to Generation 3 My Little Pony.

A Charming Birthday (2003)

This is Wysteria's first appearance within the animated series. She's first shown to be playing Chocolate Chip Checkers with Sparkleworks. Later, she's one of the many ponies helping Razzaroo plan a birthday party for Kimono. She's the one to suggest they make her a charm bracelet to replace the one she had lost.


Friends are Never Far Away (2005)

Wysteria is more of a background pony in this movie. Her first appearance is when Sparkleworks drops confetti on her while she's working on bouquets of flowers for the big party. She offers her help to Cotton Candy and Triple Treat with moving the giant icecream, but her offer is declined. She is last seen enjoying a drink with Splish Splash during the song Make A New Friend Everyday.


Crystal Rainbow Castle Playset Commercial(2006)

Wysteria appears in the commercial for the Crystal Rainbow Castle Playset, leading you towards the enterance with Pinkie Pie right before it cuts to live-action shots of the set are shown.

Pinkie Pie and the Ladybug Jamboree (2005)

Wysteria is a background character in this episode. She's only shown in the crowd watching the performance.


The Princess Promenade (2005)

Wysteria is the main character of this movie.

She's seen at the annual garden club meeting where she has trouble getting everyone to listen to her, and gardening with the other ponies during the song Friendship and Flowers. She later finds a weed with Pinkie Pie that causes her to become so upset she doesn't even dare utter it's name. After trying to dig it up with Pinkie, they fall down into a dark cave where they eventually find Spike. Wysteria is the one to touch the flower Spike had been holding for about 1000 years, therefore she was crowned the new princess.

The main conflict of the movie is the fact everyone started to treat her a bit differently after she was crowned princess, and how Spike wouldn't let her do the things she usually did, like watering and smelling flowers.


The Runaway Rainbow (2006)

Wysteria is a background pony in this movie. She's first shown watching one of the pink rainbow ribbons during the first part of the song Whenever There's a Rainbow. Then, she's seen again greeting the Breezies when they enter the Cotton Candy Cafe with Rarity, as well as multiple times in the background while following Rarity through the song I Just Wanna Have Fun.


Grand Puzzleventure (2006)

Wysteria is a featured character in the plug-n-play TV videogame Grand Puzzleventure. Her Breezies-In-Waiting have forgotten where they put all her "princessy" things, and it's Puzzlemint's job to find them in the Celebration Castle. She later gives Puzzlement a "princessy" present, which is a crown, after all the items are found.


Rainbow Dash's Party (2008)

Wysteria is a background pony in this mini episode. She's seen sitting in the background right before Rainbow Dash announces the fashion show winners.



... Rel No. Release Year Release Name Store or Country Exclusive Orig. Retail Related Articles
Wysteriarainbowcelebrationstock.jpg 1 2003 Rainbow Celebration Wave 1 $4.99 USD Rainbow Celebration Ponies
Wysteriarainbowcelebrationstock.jpg 2 2003 Free Media (Charming Birthday VHS) n/a Free Media Ponies
Wysteriaseasidecelebration.jpg 3 2005 Seaside Celebration $6.99 USD Seaside Celebration
Wysteriaseasidecelebration.jpg 4 2005 Seaside Celebration w/ Bonus Surf Star Europe n/a Seaside Celebration
WysteriaHappyMeal.jpg 5 2005 W/ McDonalds Happy Meal Happy Meal Ponies
Wysteriacrystalbride.jpg 6 2006 Crystal Princesses Crystal Bride $9.99 USD Crystal Princess
2006mintyandfriendswysteria.jpg 7 2006 Multipack w/ Minty, Pinkie Pie, and Sparkleworks n/a Ponyville (Toy Line)
Wysteriadvdset.jpg 8 2007 Wysteria DVD set Australia n/a Free Media Ponies
Wysteriacascade.jpg 9 2007 Favorite Friends Wave 1 n/a Favorite Friends
Walmartteapotpalacewysteria.jpg 10 2007 Building Playsets Teapot Palace Walmart Exclusive n/a Ponyville (Toy Line)
Wysteriacascade.jpg 11 2008 Promo Pack w/ Rainbow Dash n/a Favorite Friends

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  • Wysteria gets a G4 toy which looks quite true to the source.
  • Wysteria has a garden as shown in The Princess Promenade.