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Wish You Were Here is a song from "Greetings from Unicornia". It is sung by Cheerilee, Rainbow Dash and Rarity.

The trio during the final section of the song.


How we wish you were here. If you could appear right here.

What fun. How we wish you were here

To play in the all-day sun. May we dee deedle dee

Dee Deedle Dee make one thing clear.

We do do doodle doo wish you doodle do

Were here This is where rainbows all are born.

Try asking any unicorn La la la la lee lal ee loo.

Every unicorn knows it's true.

*Repeat above with the lyrics overlapping*

Our crystal carriage is nice and wide. If you were here,

we all could ride. So Shiy-ey-iny, so wi-y-y-ide. We know

you'd love the ri-y-y-ide.

*Repeat above with the lyrics overlapping*