My Little Pony G3 Wiki

Just a guy that likes Yu-Gi-Oh, robotic combat and G3 MLP.

Wiki Rules

Since the rules are no longer displayed on the side, I'll display them here:

1. Any images you upload should have filenames that describe what the image is about. Nothing fancy is required but an image of Pinkie Pie with a filename of Screenshot and a bunch of random letters and numbers isn't helpful but an image called PinkiePieLadybugJamboree.png is very helpful to people.

2. Please only upload official MLP G3 content for merchandise/screenshots. The only ones that will not be entirely official are the 3 placeholder images that are to be used exclusively for pages where ponies lack either backcard artwork, merchandise, media appearances or even all 3.

3. Vandalism is strictly prohibited. It doesn't help you or the fandom grow.

4. If you have question, please visit my talk page or the talk page of the page you have a question about.

5. Have fun.