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Twinkle Twirl is a character in the G3 franchise.

TWINKLE TWIRL is a wonderful teacher, and her students shine in the spotlight! Usually, this sweet pony is too shy to take the stage herself. But tonight is a special night! - Twinkle Twirl's part of the backcard story on the back of her toy's box.


Twinkle Twirl is violet with hot pink, magenta and tangerine hair. Her eyes are green. Her cutie mark is a twinkle with a spiral. Twinkle Twirl first appears in "Dancing in the Clouds" to accompany Skywishes on the rollercoaster. After that, she takes several ponies to her dance studio to learn the dance routine she's come up with. At the end of the Friendship Ball, she includes Skywishes in getting the award from Rainbow Dash. Twinkle Twirl is also one of 5 ponies selected to be in the "Dance Studio" online game where you make a performance. In “Friends are Never Far Away”, she's among the ponies discussing the party activities. A 3D animated Twinkle Twirl appears in conjunction with the toy replica and the dance studio.

This 3D animated commercial is done in Alias Wavefront Maya and Avid DS in September 10, 2004.

She does a brief dance before the live action shots are shown. In “A Very Minty Christmas”, she can be seen ice skating and doing twirls during the movie's ending song. In "The Princess Promenade", she can be seen with Valenshy and Bowtie brushing their hair in preparation for the event of the same name. Twinkle Twirl also makes an appearance in "Grand Puzzleventure" where you are following her instructions to dance. She also makes an appearance in the Runaway Rainbow for GBA. She is voiced by Chiara Zanni.


Twinkle Twirl was released with her Dance Studio playset, which was also later re-released with bonus ponies. She was also featured in a TV commercial for the toy. Additionally, around the time of the 25th anniversary of the franchise, she received additional merchandise.