Thistle Whistle is a pegasus pony from Butterfly Island. Compared to the other pegasi on Butterfly Island, Thistle

Thistle Whistle as depicted on the back of her toy's box.

Whistle has proven to be the most shy when meeting new friends as proven in Friends Are Never Far Away.  Thistle Whistle often whistles at the end or during her sentences.


Thistle Whistle is blue with dark pink and gold hair.Her cutie mark is a trio of flowers. Thistle Whistle first appears in "Friends Are Never Far Away" where she is refusing to visit Ponyville despite what Star Catcher had told her and the others. Even when the others agree to have a look for themselves, Thistle Whistle holds back and gets everyone to try in the morning. Eventually, she does visit Ponyville and manages to help save Pinkie Pie and Skywishes when they lose their grip on a palm tree's leaf. It's not until she and a few others listen to Pinkie Pie and Skywishes' song that they come out from hiding and make friends.

In A Very Minty Christmas, she doesn't have a big role until the news of Minty's plan spreads and she decides to head off despite the changing weather conditions and her fear of clouds. Eventually she finds Minty but doesn't really improve the situation as she gets tangled up in the ropes below the hot air balloon. As the weather continues to deteriorate, she and Minty end up crashing their balloon on a branch and hanging on for their lives over a dangerous ravine. Pinkie Pie manages to save them with seconds to spare and they head down to the ground to wait out the storm. When the storm clears, she and the others head back home.

Thistle Whistle also appears as a minor character in The World's Biggest Tea Party where she learns the teapot song. She is also introduced at the beginning of the show via the "Good Morning Ponyville" song.


Thistle Whistle was first released as part of the Sunny Scents ponies with her scent being coconut.