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This page is about the video game. For the movie with the same name, see The Runaway Rainbow.

The game's on-screen logo.

The Runaway Rainbow is a video game adaptation of the movie with the same name. It was released on Game Boy Advance in 2006 and, later, on PC. The two versions of the game have the same story with a few exceptions. The most noticeable difference between the two is that the PC version is 3D and the Gameboy Advance version is 2D.


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The game stars Rarity as the playable character. Various tasks are given, including the end goal of getting to Unicornia on time to make the first rainbow of the season, which is the plot for the movie. There are five chapters to complete. Unfortunately, the GBA version of the game does not save where you are up to, but occasionally the game will give you a new passcode to remember; these passcodes allow you to skip to the chapter you were up to (see these codes below). A progress bar pops up when the tasks are completed to indicate your progress through the chapter.

When mini-game activities are completed within Rarity's Adventure, you earn a gem on various prizes. The game starts with one gem once you visit the item for the first time. However, you can only earn up to 2 gems, so playing the activity after you've earned 2 more will not give you any more gems. In the GBA version, you can occasionally play as other ponies.

Rarity's Adventure

Chapter 1: Meet Princess Rarity

Cheerilee tries to teach Rarity her responsibilities, but (mandatory in PC, optional minigame in GBA) Rarity plays with a caterpillar instead of listening. Cheerilee then tells Rarity to help Brights Brightly decorate the bridge. Brights Brightly says that she needs three more ribbons, which Rarity must find and bring back. After Rarity finishes, Brights Brightly tells her to go help Whistle Wishes (in the GBA version) or "the unicorn in town square" (in the PC version) who needs three flags. After finishing, Rarity is told to return to the castle. When she gets there, she joins a bubble fight to clean the carriage before being told to enter. Inside, Cheerilee gives Rarity the wand and has her practice by coloring pictures. After that, she tries to teach Rarity about the shooting stars. She doesn't see Rarity and goes off to look for her. Rarity comes back, picks up the wand, and twirls it. This is simulated in a follow the leader game where the player has to select the lights in the order that they lit up. After this, she vanishes.

  1. Help Brights Brightly decorate the bridge
  2. Find Zipzee and Tra-La-La
  3. Find Zipzee, Tra-La-La and Tiddlywinks' toothbrush, pyjamas and bedtime story.
  4. Find Rainbowberries for Sweetberry's treats.
  5. Make sundaes with Sweetberry.
  6. Help Rainbow Dash make kites.
  7. Save the ponies in the river.
  8. Beat the 4th shooting star back to Unicornia.


Once you start playing the adventure you will have to keep going until you complete a chapter and get a password. Write it down so you can restart the game from that point. To fill in the password select the first [o] space and press the up button to go through numbers from 1-9 and then the alphabet from A-Z. You can go backwards by pressing down and start with Z.

These codes may be used to cheat in the game.

Chapter 2 NNCKZBSB9
Chapter 3 5NCKZLSB6
Chapter 4 5NCK9PMFH
Chapter 5 5QPS9PPFL


These games appear in "Rarity's Adventure", the story part of the game, where you will win jewels. Play each game twice to add two jewels to each prize. These games may also be accessed from the menu. Use the + Control Pad to scroll through all 15 mini-games. Each one can be played from this screen, but only the Level 1 version of the game.

Mini-game name Appearance Prize
Matching Kites Chapter 3 Lilac Box
Picture Pizazz Chapter 1 Yellow Locket
Breezie Hide 'n Seek Chapter 2 Green Bracelet
Follow the Magic Wand Chapter 1 Lilac Bracelet
Connect the Stars Chapter 4 Blue Hairbrush
Rainbow Coloring Chapter 4 Pink Bracelet
Sweetberry's Sundaes Chapter 3 Pink Locket
Rescue Buddies Chapter 4 Lilac Brush
Runaway Rollerskates Chapter 3 Gold Ring
Race the Stars! Chapter 4 Green Locket
Bubble Fight! Chapter 1 Pink Box
Caterpillar Catch Chapter 1 Lilac Purse
Rainbowberry Rain Chapter 2 Blue Locket
The Dressing Room Chapter 1 Blue Bracelet
Pinkie Pie Pinball Chapter 3 Pink Purse

The Purple Tiara prize is rewarded after completion of the main story of Rarity's Adventure.

Princess Gallery

The Princess Gallery may be accessed from the menu. It presents five rooms, where prizes are stowed away inside glass boxes. Every room except the middle room has three prizes; the middle room has four, and is home to the Tiara prize, which is given for game completion. Each prize has three jewels embedded in it, and the first jewel will already be these at the start of game. Press A on one box for a close-up of the prize. Walk right and left from the starting screen to view them all

Screenshot Gallery

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Differences from the Movie

  • Unlike the movie, Rarity is required by Cheerilee to help the unicorns get ready for the Rainbow Celebration.
  • Spike is not in the castle when the ponies look for him. Instead, he's found at a hedge maze.
  • Rainbowberries are still available even though the first rainbow of the season hasn't been made yet.
  • Rainbow Dash is engaged in an activity vs having nothing to do during the movie.
  • The Breezies misplace their friends and their belongings but not in the movie.
  • Sweetberry also has an activity in the game, given the availability of Rainbowberries.
  • Brights Brightly's task at the bridge only requires three ribbons to be found.
  • Spike runs away when Rarity is searching for him. Additionally, Spike is purple instead of the bluish purple in the movie.
  • Spike scares Cheerilee, Brights Brightly, and Whistle Wishes but isn't present at this point in the movie.

Differences between the PC and GBA versions

  • The PC game plays the trailer for the movie upon startup, and the GBA version does not.
  • The PC version allows for dialogue to be spoken, written, or turned off. The GBA version only allows it to be written.
  • In the PC version, the player must play the caterpillar minigame. In the GBA version, this is optional.
  • In the GBA version, the pony who needs flags is Whistle Wishes. In the PC version, it is an unnamed orange pony.
  • The PC version of the coloring minigame has seven complicated pictures depicting scenes from the movie. The GBA version has about four very simple patterns.
  • In the PC game, the wand game builds upon the same pattern. In the GBA version, it starts a new pattern each round.


  • The "Connect the Stars" mini-game is also seen in a G4 mobile game.
  • To date, it is one of two "My Little Pony" games that were released on dedicated consoles, not PC or mobile.