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Sunny Daze (Soleia in French) is a tomboyish pony character from the G3 franchise. She is white with sunshine yellow, cerise pink, tangerine, and violet hair. Her eyes are lavender and her cutie mark is a smiling cerise pink sun with clouds around it. She is originally voiced by Adrienne Carter.

“Sunny Daze loves to surf, ski, and play ball. On her birthday, she did more pony somersaults than any of us while drinking lemonade! Yes, yes, yes, that’s fun in the sun!” - Razzaroo's description of Sunny Daze in "A Charming Birthday".

There's so much to do in Ponyville, it's hard to decide which fun thing to try first! You can bet SUNNY DAZE has lots of activities on her "to do" list today! - Sunny Daze's backcard story on the back of her toy's box.

Sunny Daze tends to speak in a very laid back manner, often using shorter nicknames when talking to the other ponies to go play.


Sunny Daze in "A Charming Birthday"

She first appears in "A Charming Birthday" showing some acrobatic skills by walking on her front hooves as she enters. She is among the ponies with a charm bracelet idea. Around this time, she also appears in a 3D animation for the Cotton Candy Cafe playset She's with Pinkie Pie gleefully heading to the Cotton Candy Cafe with others after Sweetberry calls them over. Her next appearance is in "Dancing in the Clouds" where she and Scooter Sprite collide and get their hair tangled up. After this, she doesn't get much screen time apart from "A Very Minty Christmas", where she comments on Minty's remaining sock and the Here Comes Christmas Candy Cane and "The Princess Promenade". Still, she appears as a background character in The Runaway Rainbow Game Boy Advance adaptation, though her body color is much more bluish gray than her other appearances. This may be due to the size of the sprite and/or an oversight with the developers. A 3D animated Sunny Daze appears in the commercial for the Celebration Castle playset. She appears at the beginning with Rainbow Dash and Pink Sunsparkle and again towards the end of the animation when Pink Sunsparkle pops her head up from inside the balloon just as Pinkie Pie and others arrive.


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Sunny Daze's first release as a toy

Sunny Daze was first released as part of the Rainbow Celebration theme in summer 2003.


  • Sunny Daze is one of the more often used ponies for merchandise, being on multiple books and other items. She also has multiple versions released over the course of G3's run.