Star Catcher is a pony of legends in G3 that appears in the first two movies and possibly without wings in "The Princess Promenade". 

Star Catcher as depicted on the back of her toy's box.

With her fluttering wings and sparkling crown, STAR CATCHER is one of the most beautiful ponies anyone has ever seen. She loves to help her friends make their dreams come true! - Star Catcher's backcard story from the back of her toy's box.


Star Catcher is a white-colored pony with light blue, light pink and white hair. Her eyes are blue as well. She features a swirly purplish design on her forehead. In "Dancing in the Clouds", she grants Skywishes' wish for Twinkle Twirl's dance. At the time, it wasn't even believed ponies could fly but Pinkie Pie found this out when Star Catcher flew in to save her when she fell off a ladder. In "Friends Are Never Far Away", she plans a party with Skywishes and the duo make a Pegasus Promise to make sure things are done. Later, she introduces Skywishes to Baby Honolu-loo. Star Catcher makes an appearance at the end of the "Best Friends Ball" PC game where you take a picture with her. In "A Very Minty Christmas", she leads everyone back home and reminds everyone the true meaning of Christmas. In "Grand Puzzleventure", she teaches you the game of Butterfly Tag.


Star Catcher is very kind to anyone she talks to, often speaking softly and is willing to help out anyone in need, generally for an extra special wish. She lives on Butterfly Island with other pegasai and is often the one to lead them as the others are too shy.


Star Catcher has had multiple merchandise releases including either being in books or on the cover of them.