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Master Kenbroath Kilspotten Heathspike is a character in the G3 franchise.

He's an indigo dragon with purple hair, sunshine yellow spikes, an orange belly, and dragon like ears with the same color of his belly.

He is confirmed to be 1000 years old from his slumber, as calling the ponies commoners. He can be found in a cave under Celebration castle by Wysteria and Pinkie Pie. He takes pride in scaring the ponies.


Spike is a major character in both The Princess Promenade and The Runaway Rainbow.

He first appears in "The Princess Promenade" after being awoken from his 1000 year slumber by Wysteria, Pinkie Pie and Zipzee after they find the cave when trying to remove the giant weed growing. in the garden. Since Wysteria touched the special flower Spike had been sleeping with, Spike gives it to her and the trio decide to give him a bath and a hairstyle at Daffidazy's Twist 'N Style Petal Parlor. Later, he helps Wysteria become a princess, which meant having subjects to do all the work. In the end, he has a change of heart and accepts that everyone's a princess.

In "The Runaway Rainbow", he's seen after Rarity's situation is brought to his attention. He shows Rarity the map of castles, which includes Rarity's in Unicornia. They eventually work to bring Rarity back home. He's also in the Game Boy Advance adaptation of the movie where he's still rather mischievous, even running away when you (as Rarity) find him in the hedge garden. He's also much more purple than his other game or movie appearances. His next appearance is a minor role in "Grand Puzzleventure" but only after you, as Puzzlemint, reach his corner of Celebration Castle in your quest to find Wysteria's princessy things. He allows access to the hidden areas of the castle. His final appearance is in "The World's Biggest Tea Party" live show with not only his own side story but also providing a little history of tea and interacting with the audience in general. Much like his appearance in The Runaway Rainbow for Game Boy Advance, Spike is a much darker purple than his other appearances, which may be due to his appearance in the Game Boy Advance game and thus may be an error or his actual color.


  • Spike was the only male character in G3.
  • His voice sounded a lot like a grown man like on G1.
  • Spike's voice actor, Brian Drummond, would later voice Mr, Carrot Cake, Filthy Rich, Dr. Hooves, Double Diamond, and other characters in FIM.
  • It is revealed that he's the DJ in The World's Biggest Tea Party Live show.
  • Spike did not appear in G3.5.
  • He was the only version of Spike to have a different color scheme and a full name.


Despite having such a major role in the G3 movies, no merchandise was ever produced.