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Rainbow Flash as depicted on the back of her toy's box.

Rainbow Flash is a girly girl pony character from the G3 franchise. She is rose pink with amber, cerise pink, sunshine yellow and mauve hair. Her eyes are rainbow colors while her cutie mark is a kiwi green, hot pink and turquoise blue rainbow over a sun and cloud.

RAINBOW FLASH is always on the move, and she makes sure to look her best wherever she goes! Before a big event, you can find her at the Celebration Salon, getting her ribbons and bows added to a fancy new hairdo! - Rainbow Flash's backcard story from the back of her toy's box.


A 3D animated Rainbow Flash during the commercial.

Her only appearance is during a 3D animation for the 2002 television pilot and the commercial advertising Super-Long Hair ponies, Pretty Pony Fashions, and the Celebration Salon play set. She greets the viewer with a gaze and some blinks. She is voiced by Nicole Bouma. This 3D computer animated commercial is done in Alias Wavefront Maya and Avid DS in June 10, 2004. Unfortunately, the pilot presentation is currently lost as the only known way to see this media is through a login dialogue box, which isn't archived.


Rainbow Flash's single release.

Rainbow Flash had more merchandise compared to the Jewel Ponies.


  • Rainbow Flash appeared earlier in the 2002 television pilot to greet the viewers for Kimono's big birthday surprise party.


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