Puzzlemint is a pony in the G3 franchise.


Puzzlemint is white with yellow, pink, and purple hair. Her eyes are blue and her cutie mark is a puzzle piece being examined through a magnifying glass. She first appears in "Positively Pink" as a distraction for Pinkie Pie so that the others can plan the surprise party. In "Grand Puzzleventure", she's the star of the game, talking to ponies and complimenting you on completing tasks. You also play as her for those tasks. Later, she appears in "Greetings from Unicornia" as the pony to announce that Rainbow Dash sent them all a letter from Unicornia. Finally, she makes a cameo during the "Meet the Ponies" stories as a member of the audience.


Puzzlemint was only released with a game based around her called Grand Puzzleventure.

Puzzlement sealed with the game in its packaging.