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Newborn Starsong (also written StarSong) is a So Soft Newborn Pony and Newborn Cuties release of StarSong . As a newborn, she was released three times, and had no media appearances.

Description Edit

Newborn Starsong is always depicted with a blue bow and a pink or yellow diaper with her cutie mark "stitched" on it. See Starsong  for a full description.

Merchandise Edit

Her toy debut came in 2007 as a "So Soft Newborn StarSong" doll. This comes with a bottle, a pacifier with her cutie mark on it, a blanket, a yellow spoon, and a pink bowl with cereal in it.

Her second debut was in 2009 with the "Happy Birthday StarSong" set. This set came with a party hat and balloon. The description reads "Any time is party time with this sweet STARSONG baby pony figure. Put on her party hat and clip-on her balloon accessory and sing “Happy Birthday” to get the party started!"

Her third release came in 2009 in the "Playtime with StarSong" set. This came with a pink bouncer, a pink rattle, ring of keys, and a elephant toy. There was an alternate version of this set, where the elephant toy is orange. The description reads "Your STARSONG pony is ready for playtime and her favorite playmate is you! Seat her in her cute little baby bouncer accessory and then give your sweet newborn pony her “rattle”, “elephant” and “keys”. Playtime has never been more fun or more adorable!"