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Newborn Pinkie Pie is a So Soft Newborn Ponies and Newborn Cuties release of Pinkie Pie. As a newborn, she was released four times, and had two media appearances.


Newborn Pinkie Pie is always depicted with a turquoise bow and a white or sunshine yellow diaper with her cutie mark upon it. See Pinkie Pie for a full description.


Her toy debut came in 2007 as a "So Soft Newborn Pinkie Pie" doll. This comes with a bottle when you feed her.

Her toy debut came in 2008 in the "Feeding Time with Pinkie Pie" set. This came with a purple and yellow highchair, two trays, a cereal bowl, a cereal box and a dish with spoon. There was an alternate version of this set, where some pieces were different colors. The bowl is blue instead of pink, and the dish is pink instead of green in this alternate version. Her diaper was white.

Her second release was in 2009 with the "Family Convertible with Mom" set. This release came with Mom Pie. This set came with a convertible (car), a purple baby seat, an orange cup, a green shopping bag and a purple suitcase. Her diaper was white.

Her third release was in 2009 with the "Pinkie Pie's Playhouse" set. Her diaper was yellow.

Her fourth release was in 2009 with the Bundle Up "Pinkie Pie". This came with a yellow scarf and hat. Her diaper was white.


"Pinkie Pie hungry!"
(singing) "La la la la la, la la la la la!"
"I'm hungry!"
"Will you feed me?"
"Yummy!" (giggles)
"I love you, mommy!"