Lily Lightly is a unicorn from Unicornia. She has a purple body with light pink, pink and purple hair while her eyes are blue. Lily likes to have fun but

Lily Lightly as shown on the back of her figure's box.

whenever she giggles, her horn lights up and that makes her feel uncomfortable.


Lily is light purple with light pink, dark pink and purple hair. Her eyes are blue and her cutie mark is a pink lily flower. Compared to her appearance in Come Back Lily Lightly, her artwork on the back of the box uses darker colors overall. In Come Back Lily Lightly, she runs away when
Lily Lightly

Lily Lightly as seen in "Come Back Lily Lightly".

the others stare at her. She features a horn that lights up when she giggles but considers herself to be an outcast.She finds a firefly but even its words aren't enough to convince her, resulting in a song about her feelings. Even when her friends arrive to apologize, Lily remains hidden behind a rock but her horn's glow gives away her location. The firefly steps in to take the blame but the ponies aren't convinced and get her to come out. Using the glow of lights from Unicornia, the ponies help Lily Lightly get back home where they decide to be like her and wrap their horns in lights.


Lily Lightly was released in 2006 with blinking eyes, a glowing horn and a long dress which glows thanks to her cutie mark. She also had two re-releases later on with a bonus pony.