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Island Rainbow as depicted on the back of her toy's box.

Island Rainbow is a character from the G3 franchise. She is tangerine with magenta hair. Her eyes are indigo and her cutie mark is a rainbow over an island.

For ISLAND RAINBOW, a trip to the beach is all about swimming. She's been known to get some of her friends to join her by splashing them with a bucket of water! - Island Rainbow's backcard story from the back of her toy's box.


Island Rainbow in a hot-air balloon to advertise the Butterfly Island Adventure playset.

Her only appearances in media were 2 commercials, one for the Butterfly Island playset and 1 for Scooter Ponies. The animation for the Butterfly Island playset commercial was reused for the Butterfly Island Adventure online game as part of the loading screen. These commercials are done in Alias Maya and Avid DS in July 20, 2005 and in September 10, 2005.


The toy sealed in its packaging.

Island Rainbow's merchandise was rather limited. Her only known release was as a regular pony for the Butterfly Island theme. She was advertised on the Rainbow Wishes Amusement Park box but was not included with the playset.