My Little Pony G3 Wiki


While using this, or any wiki in general, please keep basic internet safety in mind! Don't share personal identifying information (full name, location, etc.) or upload photos of yourself! If you feel someone is acting strange towards you, or asking for personal information, report it to a poweruser!

These are the wiki rules. They are applied everywhere on the wiki (discussions post, message walls, user pages, etc.), and are enforced on every user equally.

  • Follow Fandom's Terms of Use (Found here!)
    • If you are under 13, you may not join the wiki. I understand it's an odd request seeing as My Little Pony is a franchise targeted at younger audiences, but it is a Fandom decision and out of our hands.
  • Don't be a jerk. Treat everyone kindly and equally. The whole message of My Little Pony is friendship and kindness, afterall.
    • Please do not bite the newcomers.
      • We have zero tolerance for Bigotry, Homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, and any other forms of discrimination are not permitted whatsoever.
        • Don't use any slurs, whether you are targeting a particular person/group of people or not. Reclaimed slurs are not permitted, either.
          • Guilt-tripping, sympathy-baiting, and vague-posting are all not allowed.
  • Do not start or engage in political discussion or debate on our wiki. This include discussions about current political events such as riots or elections and political campaigning. This applies to all political discussion, not just American.
    • We recognize that these are important topics, but also acknowledge that our powerusers are not equipped to moderate political debate and that a My Little Pony Wiki is not the ideal location for them to be discussed.
  • Keep the wiki PG and clean. swearing (whether censored or not), NSFW, mature topics, and gore are not permitted on our wiki.
    • Censored swearing is absolutely not permitted. This applies to the use of alternative words. (eg. frick, fudge)
    • "Poop" jokes are also not allowed under this same rule. They're immature, there's no need for them here.
  • Don't steal art. Please don't post or use art without permission and credit to the artist/s.
  • Don't pretend to be someone else using alternate accounts. It's okay to have alternate accounts, but using them to violate rules or cause trouble is not.
    • List all your alts on your profile or message wall greeting, preferably with links.'
    • Don't ban evade, it will result in an indefinite block.
  • Don't spam, flood, or advertise on Discussions.
  • Do not farm edits on articles for the purposes of earning badges, increasing your Wiki ranking, or increasing your edit count.
  • Do not vandalize articles. This includes, but is not limited to, removing all the content of an article, creating pages unrelated to My Little Pony Generation 3, adding false or inappropriate information, removing correct information, or otherwise editing with the intent to reduce the quality of the article.
  • Please keep the wiki English-only, so the mods may properly moderate.