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A list of the My Little Pony G3 staff. This includes how active they are, and when you'll usually hear from them. This page is a good reference point if you are wondering who various staff are, or trying to figure out who to contact for a certain issue.

If you need to report an act of power abuse from a poweruser, please contact an admin or bureaucrat.

Here is a strict guideline for what counts as semi-active/inactive. Activity is checked on the 1st of each month.

  • A semi-active poweruser has not made a contribution or responded to messages in 1 month.
  • An inactive poweruser has not made a contribution of responded to messages in 2+ months.


Bureaucrats are users with the rights to promote content moderators and admins in addition to regular admin powers. Bureaucrats cannot be demoted unless they step down or are removed by Fandom, and can demote powerusers (aside from other bureaucrats).

Username Name Pronouns Contributions Status
Magmabubbles Kazumi He/him Click to View
Daniellewiki Danielle/Dani ? Click to View


Admins are users with all the abilities of content and thread moderators. Additionally, they are able to block users (preventing them from editing or posting on the wiki) and promote thread moderators.

Username Name Pronouns Contributions Status
MasterMarik MasterMarik ? Click to View