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There is no set warning policy, as warnings before a ban may differ based on the circumstance. Generally speaking:

  • If a user is not being hurtful or acting in bad faith, they will recieve at least one warning before they are blocked.
  • If a user is causing harm we may decide to skip the warning process and block immediately, for the safety of our other users.
  • For more minor offences like spam, we will usually give at least two warnings.
  • If a warning is not acknowledged/responded to and the behavior continues you may be blocked with less discrimination, especially in cases of vandalism or spam.
    • These bans can usually be appealed, as the issue is with the lack of communication (we need to know that you've seen the warning and know that your behavior is a problem.) In rare cases a block may be made indefinite with the only resolution being an appeal. You may appeal by messaging an administrator on the Community Central wiki.

The times indicated below are guidelines to ensure that blocks are administered fairly across the wiki; powerusers may decide that a certain offence requires a shorter or longer block depending on context, users involved, etc.

Rule 2. Don't be a jerk

Offense Time Examples
Rudeness 3–7 days
  • Being generally disrespectful to users and mods alike
2–10 weeks
  • Cussing out other users
  • Insulting other users
  • Personal attacks/insults
Harassment 3–12 months
  • Following users across threads/walls to bother them
  • Flirting or creepy behavior
  • Making other users uncomfortable intentionally
  • Spreading rumors/gossip
3–6 months

Times are for a first offence that does not include any violence

  • "I think being gay is [wrong/sinful/etc.]"
  • "LGBT makes me uncomfortable" or "I don't agree with LGBT"
  • Deadnaming/misgendering a trans person/character
Slurs Varies
  • Warning for reclaimed slurs used by accident/unintentionally
  • 0–2 weeks for use without knowing the meaning/accidental use
  • 1 year or indefinite for use against a character
  • Indefinite for use against another user or person
Guilt tripping 1—8 weeks
  • "Nobody likes me, I'll just leave" or "You all just want me to leave the wiki"
  • "I'll just go [hurt] myself"
  • Any notion that victimizes the user + intends to make users or mods feel guilty

Rule 3. No politics

Offense Time Examples
Political discussion/
2–8 weeks Block only if issue is pushed
  • Advertising/advocating political candidates
  • Pushing a political agenda
  • In-depth debate about real-world conflicts
Justification of
Indefinite Defence of any genocides or similar

Rule 4. Keep the wiki PG and clean

Offense Time Examples
Swearing 1—4 weeks Swearing repeatedly after a warning
Suggestive memes/posts 1—14 days

Users blocked for this should be on a light trigger for a longer ban

  • Any meme meant to be sexual or suggestive
  • Allusion or implication of NSFW
  • "Poop" jokes are included in this rule. They're immature and there's no need for them here.
Explicit NSFW indefinite block Usually does not require a warning
  • Explicit NSFW text or images
  • Censored/cropped NSFW text or images
  • Discussion of NSFW topics

Rule 5. Do not steal art

Offense Time Examples
Uncredited use of art 1–2 weeks
  • Using others art without credit + refusing to remove it
    • "I found it on Pinterest/Google" is not acceptable credit
  • Using other's art without permission + refusing to remove it
  • Regularly doing either of the above after being asked to stop
Theft of art 2–12 weeks
  • Claiming that you made stolen art
  • Tracing, recoloring, or otherwise editing art you did not make + claiming it

Rule 6. Do not pretend to be someone else/list you're alts

Offense Time Examples
Unlisted alting Warning
  • Using an alt account without listing it on your userpage/s
  • Impersonating yourself or others
Refusal to list alts 1 week
  • Refusal to add an alt name/link to your userpage/s
  • Removal of a link added by a poweruser
Ban Evading indefinite block
  • Using an alt to evade a community or global ban in order to access the wiki.
  • A permanent ban will be issued out if justifiable suspicion arises.

Rule 7. Don't spam, flood, or advertise

Offense Time Examples
Advertising 1–3 days
  • Making a post or poll solely to advertise another post/Wiki/etc

Just posting your username/channel link would be considered advertising, but posts linking to a YouTube video, deviantArt post, etc. made by the user are considered art/creativity posts and are permitted.

Spam on discussions or message walls 1–14 days
  • Making many posts or polls in a row (~3–5 in under an hour)
  • Clogging the feed/making it hard to find other's posts
  • Pointless or empty posts
  • Pointless or empty replies, especially across multiple posts

Rule 8 + 9. Do not farm edits on articles & Do not vandalize articles

Offense Time Examples
Edit farming Varies
  • 3–14 days for unintentional edit farming.
    • This includes changing words for synonyms, adding and removing content, making pointless edits within categories, adding words letter-by-letter, etc.
    • Edit farming is characterized by a pattern of farmy edits, so one or two of these issues will not see you flagged for edit farming.
  • 2–4 weeks for intentional edit farming — any of the above + an admission that the edits were made with knowledge that they were prohibited (OR) it's obvious to administration that you meant to farm edits.
Mass changes 2–6 weeks
  • Unpermitted botting or scripting to edit articles
  • Implementing a change across many articles without consulting a moderator
Edit warring 1–2 weeks
  • Repeatedly making an edit that is being undone by another editor
    • In this situation, go to the reverting editor's message wall and ask why they have undone your edit, or make a post to our Wiki Discussion board about the intended change and ask for feedback.
  • Repeatedly creating a page or pages that are being removed by moderators
Vandalism 1–3 months Severe infractions do not require a warning
  • Blanking articles
  • Adding swear words, NSFW content, "jokes", or other unnecessary content to articles
  • Removing correct/accurate information
  • Adding false/misleading information
  • Removing information with a citation or removing citations without justification
  • A user's block may be made extended, or even indefinite if the vandalism is severe, NSFW, or makes up their sole contributions to the Wiki.