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Grand Puzzleventure is a TV plug-in video game. Players are tasked with helping various ponies our or are able to play one of several activities, though the ponies that need help generally do not have highly complicated tasks. In fact, cotton Candy's Cake is up to you how it is designed.


  • Wysteria (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain)
  • Spike (voiced by Brian Drummond)
  • Zipzee (voiced by Andrea Libman)

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As the player, you are talking to other ponies and playing games to earn puzzle pieces to complete the puzzle in each of the locations. You have a choice between easy and hard. You can also resume a game you saved earlier. During the game, you may also reveal other locations you didn't have previously but only after you complete tasks requested by the pony you meet and get the next piece of your included puzzle.The tasks are as follows: