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Frilly Frocks is a pony from the G3 franchise.

When ponies need a really special outfit for a fancy occasion, they head for the FRILLY FROCKS Boutique. FRILLY FROCKS makes the most beautiful clothes, and she always has just the right accessories to complete the look! Ponies leave her shop feeling like a princess! - Frilly Frocks' backcard story from the back of her toy's box.


Frilly Frocks is white with pink, purple, and red hair. Her eyes are pink and her cutie mark is a pink mask. Her only known appearance is in a 3D animation with another pony for the Frilly Frocks Boutique playset commercial.

This 3D animated commercial is done in Alias Maya and Avid DS in June 10, 2005.


Frilly Frocks had limited merchandise, being only released with the Frilly Frocks Boutique (which also had a gift set that included Breezie and Cherry Blossom as bonus ponies) and as a 3 foot tall plushie available only by sending in 250 Pony Points.