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The ponies, Spike and the Breezies during the song.

Everyone's a Princess is a song from "The Princess Promenade" sung mostly by the Breezies about their excitement regarding Wysteria designating them as princesses as well as the day being the day of the event of the same name.


Hip-hip hooray! Today's the day! How nice that everyone's a princess!

(Good gracious me! Tee hee, tee hee!) No one is happier than we!

We'll spend this day in a princess-y way wearing crowns of gold

Everyone of us a wonder to behold! Hip-Hip-Hoorah, tra la tra la

I'm glad that everyone's a princess, Don't make a fuss, we're still just us!

Although we're also royalty, Hip-Hip-Hoorah, tra la tra la!

We're glad that everyone's a princess!

That's you and you, and yes it's true that you are a princess too!