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The ponies, Spike and the Breezies during the song.

Everyone's a Princess is a song from "The Princess Promenade" sung by Spike, Wysteria, the Breezies and a variety of ponies about their excitement regarding Wysteria designating them as princesses as well as the day being the day of the event of the same name.


Hip-hip hooray! Today's the day! How nice that everyone's a princess!

(Good gracious me! Tee hee, tee hee!) No one is happier than we!

We'll spend this day in a princess-y way wearing crowns of gold

Everyone of us a wonder to behold! Hip-Hip-Hoorah, tra la tra la

I'm glad that everyone's a princess, Don't make a fuss, we're still just us!

Although we're also royalty. I certainly degree to one and all of ye that spring is truly here.
We say it all to ye for every flowery. You look divine, my dear.

Hip-Hip-Hoorah, tra la tra la!
We're glad that everyone's a princess!

That's you and you, and yes it's true that you are a princess too!