Daffidazey is a white earth pony first seen in The Princess Promenade helping the others get Spike clean. She's also

Daffidazy as depicted on the back of her toy's box.

shown to be an expert hair stylist, though has trouble with Spike's.


Daffidazey is white with gold, orange, purple and blue hair. her eyes are blue and her cutie mark is an orange, purple and green flower. She appears in The Princess Promenade after Pinkie Pie and Wysteria take a dirty Spike to see her for a bath. She accepts and ends up giving Spike a hairdo as well but it takes her a while to get Spike to cooperate. She also appears in 3D animation during the commercial of the Twist & Style Petal Parlor playset. This commercial is done in Alias Maya 7.0 and RealFlow 3.0.1 in October 20, 2006.  


Daffidazey doesn't give up easily but can go too far when it comes to hairdos, generally when working with beings that aren't ponies. She's also rather encouraging as she uses a song to help encourage Spike to take a bath and get clean. However, she can also be rather curious as evidenced in her song "Feeling Good".


Daffidazey was released with the Twist 'N Style Petal Parlor playset, which came with a Zipzee Breezie pony initially, then was re-released outside the US with a bonus Snippity Snap Breezie Pony.