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This page is about the song from the live show. For the place with the same name, click here.


The ponies during the song.

Crystal Rainbow Castle is a song from "The World's Biggest Tea Party" live show sung by Rarity and her friends to the tune of "Here in Unicornia". It details their excitement and a bit of other details regarding the castle.


Glad to see you one and all, welcome to my happy home!

There's no room for thinking small at Crystal Rainbow Castle

This is such a special day, all our friends are on their way!

Everyone will want to stay in the house of Rarity

Isn't this a dream, working as a team? I am so impressed!

Everyone has done their best! Won't it be a pretty sight?

Big and beautiful and bright, what a joy, oh what delight!

Is the house of Rarity, dancing to a merry tune

Sugar on a silver spoon, what a lovely afternoon!

In the house of Rarity, now the time's at hand

(now the time's at hand)

All that we have planned

(all that we have planned)

Finally we'll see

Come together, one, two, three, and isn't it a pretty sight?

Big and beautiful and bright! What a joy, oh what delight!

Crystal Rainbow Castle, look at all that we have done

Thank you, thank you, everyone! Oh, the fun has just begun

At Crystal Rainbow Castle!