Coconut Grove is a character from the G3 franchise.

Coconut Grove as depicted on the back of her toy's box.

COCONUT GROVE is an oh-so-clever Pegasus pony! Last summer she threw a big dinner party and made everything herself, right down to the dishes (from coconut shells) and placemats (from palm fronds)! - Coconut Grove's backcard story from the back of her toy's box.


Coconut Grove is light pink with purple and green hair. Her eyes are green and her cutie mark is a coconut cut in half. Coconut Grove first appears in Friends Are Never Far Away among the ponies listening to Star Catcher tell about Ponyville from her experience. However, she remains doubtful about ponies without wings but is one of the pegasai to actually peer out of the clouds and look down at Ponyville. Later, she and Thistle Whistle save Pinkie Pie and Skywishes from a big fall after they're trapped on a palm tree's leaf. Towards the end of the movie, she can be seen in a conga line with others.

In A Very Minty Christmas, she's seen with Star Catcher in disbelief at what Minty had done and helps get her back safely. At the North Pole, she's among those hugging each other as part of their friendship and in the spirit of Christmas.


Coconut Grove was released as part of the Butterfly Island Sunny Scents ponies, whom each have a different scent.