Cheerilee is a character from the G3 franchise.


Cheerilee is violet with reddish pink hair. She first appears in "The Runaway Rainbow" explaining the process to Rarity using the special magic wand that will make the first rainbow appear. When Rarity disappears, she's one of the unicorns to look for her but isn't optomistic about getting the first rainbow in time. In fact, she is hesitant to put her horn with the others to help make the first rainbow appear. She then appears for the song "So Far Apart" where she and Rarity form a duet to sing about their troubles. She is also one of the ponies with a shooting star that appears as the time draws near to make that first rainbow. Cheerilee also appears in the Game Boy Advance adaptation of the movie. In "Come Back, Lily Lightly", Cheerilee is among the unicorns playing with the lights but eneds up in the some situation whereby Lily is uncomfortable around them when her horn lights up. She also appears in "Greetings from Unicornia" when Rainbow Dash gets a tour and is also during the song "Wish You Were Here".


Cheerilee was only released as a Styling Size pony.

Cheerilee's only release sealed in its packaging.


  • Cheerilee is one of multiple characters to be later given incarnations in the FiM cartoon. The others are Rarity, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo Sunny Daze, Peachy Pie. Minty has also been released as a G4 toy but has made no apperances on the show.
  • Cheerilee is also the name of a pony that was originally released prior to the Core 7 era but was changed for this era as the original name (Cherry Blossom) didn't translate well into other languages, notably French.