Butterfly Island is a location in the G3 MLP world. It is home to many pegasai and is so sacred that Star Catcher asks anyone she meets never to spoil the secrets within.


Butterfly Island, as the name suggests is a butterfly-shaped island located somewhere not too far from Ponyville. A colored waterfall and a few tree covered areas. A giant butterfly sits above the waterfall. The island first appears in Dancing in the Clouds where Skywishes first meets Star Catcher and learns her special dance for the Friendship Ball taking place that night. In Friends Are Never Far Away, the island becomes the setting as Star Catcher tries to convince the other pegasai to join the party being planned as an incentive. It is also the focus of a computer game called Butterfly Adventure, which has several different activities with it.


A playset was made in 2005 to coincide with the toyline's theme of the same name.

The Butterfly Island Adventure playset with bonuses.