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Breezie Blossom is a home to the Breezies in Ponyville. It is a vast, mostly open space with a river and forest nearby houses designed like flowers that sit in the air.These houses seem to lack showers but the residents end up using rainwater from nearby leaves to wash their manes.


The area is home to many flowers, a river, and tulip-shaped houses that the Breezies live in. It first appears in "The Princess Promenade" as the Breezies sing about it on their way to the the promenade of the same name. It appears again in "The Runaway Rainbow" before and after Rarity appears using her magic wand. In "Grand Puzzleventure", the area is where you seek to find the Breezies and other items.


Only a few Breezies are ever shown to live in Breezie Blossom's neighborhood but given the number of Breezies seen in the movies, it's very likely they all live in that same neighborhood, or another one not shown.

  1. Tra-La-La
  2. Tiddlywink
  3. Zipzee
  4. MANY other Breezies'


  1. Star Flight
  2. Heart Bright
  3. Rarity (by accident)


Despite being shown in at least 3 movies, no merchandise was ever produced.