Best Friends Ball (also called Pony Friendship Ball or PC Play Pack) is a PC game featuring 3D My Little Pony characters created by EnSky Studios.


There are four playable characters: Sparkleworks, Pinkie Pie, Sunny Daze, Skywishes, and Cherry Blossom as Twinkle Twirl. With Rainbow Dash more-or-less as your guide, go around Ponyville and help others with tasks they need for the Friendship Ball. There are also extra fun activities not related to the Friendship Ball itself.



Character Gallery


The game was released not only as a PC CD ROM but also as a Jewel Case.


  • When you are setting up Cherry Blossom's dance, the dialogue implies you're working with Twinkle Twirl. This is further proven by the list you're supposed to complete during gameplay with Twinkle Twirl being listed as one you're supposed to help.
  • When Sparkleworks explains how the game works inside the Celebration Salon, her voice is Pinkie Pie's. This is also the case when Forsythia invites you inside.
  • Clicking on the green desk opens up options for invitations printable colouring pages. This causes the desk to turn pink, the green chair to turn orange, and the green printer to turn blue.
  • The pony's hair visibly flips when the pony turns around.


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